Aussie Eurovision star slammed: 'Dreadful, terrible'

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018, 9:26AM

A Eurovision expert has savaged Jessica Mauboy's performance, describing her act as "terrible" and "dreadful".

British Eurovision historian John Kennedy O'Connor told RN Breakfast's Hamish Macdonald on Monday he had been left unimpressed by Mauboy's efforts while also slamming Australia's inclusion in the competition.

Over the weekend Mauboy performed We Got Love in Lisbon and placed last with the public vote, but managed to come 20th overall thanks to the jury.

"She was terrible," O'Connor said. "I'm sorry. I thought, actually, she'd escaped from Wentworth and been let on stage.

"It was dreadful ... She was describing herself in the media as Australia's Beyonce. Clearly she's never seen Beyonce."

Singer Jessica Mauboy representing Australia performs the song We Got Love. Photo / Getty

O'Connor also argued that "the joke has worn thin" about Australia's inclusion in Eurovision and it needed to end.

The author of The Eurovision Song Contest: The Official History said Australia competing had become "too controversial", when other countries such as Monaco and Turkey were not allowed to take part due to broadcasting stipulations.

"I think the joke about Australia being in Eurovision is now over," O'Connor said.

"There was enormous delight and welcoming when you came in as this once-off special guest ... I think your welcome has now been rescinded and I don't say that with any glee."

Singer Jessica Mauboy representing Australia performs the song We Got Love during a rehearsal. Photo / Getty

Despite placing last with public voters, Mauboy earned mostly rave reviews on Twitter for her "brilliant" Eurovision performance of song We Got Love.

Australia has been included in Eurovision since 2015, with Guy Sebastian, Dami Im and Isaiah Firebrace previously competing.