ZM's PJ relives the school ball dream

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016, 1:53PM
PJ Harding at her school ball in 2008
PJ Harding at her school ball in 2008

Eight years after her last high school ball, radio host PJ Harding is about to relive this most quintessential of teenage social occasions.

Plucky Waiuku College student Lomaks Tangihaere bravely asked Harding to be his date to his school ball a couple of weeks ago, when he phoned ZM's Jase and PJ during their "Free Air Time Friday" segment.

Harding didn't give Tangihaere an answer then, but he wasn't deterred.

Dressed in his best suit, with red rose in hand, the teenager visited Harding at the studio this week to again ask her to the ball. After this deliciously awkward exchange, she said yes.



Harding's co-host Jase Hawkins is thrilled Harding is going back to the ball this Saturday.

"Not since William and Kate have the world's media and public been so invested in a couple. It's truly beautiful,” he said.

Although Hawkins did put his parent hat on and warned Tangihaere that "whatever you do to [PJ], I'll do to you."

Tangihaere also had to phone Harding's boyfriend, Michael Batty, yesterday and ask his permission to take her to the ball. Batty gave his approval.

The only question now left to ask is will Harding dust off one of the ensembles she wore to her own school ball for the occasion?

Fans can find out – and follow the rest of the action – on Saturday via Jase and PJ's Snapchat (jaseandpj), and Instagram and Facebook pages.  

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