Would Taika shag, marry or kill Thor?

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 3:43PM
Taika Waititi. Photo / Instagram.
Taika Waititi. Photo / Instagram.

Currently directing Thor: Ragnarok on the Gold Coast, Taika Waititi spent some time on Instagram answering some fan questions, we had a look through and found the best ones.

Favourite colour?
Blue that has been splattered with red.

How far are you in filming Thor: Ragnarok?
We are 12 weeks in and have about 6 weeks left. It’s going great but I’m tired.

Favourite NZ town?
Waihau Bay. Though it’s more of a village.

Favourite sport?
Rugby union.

I saw you in Brisbane, when you were filming Thor 3. Love the hat man, super sweet
Thank you. I stole it from a native American.

How hard is it to make a movie that already has source material (i.e: a book) and still doing both the book and movie justice?
It’s easy if you do what I’m doing and pretend there is no source material or previous movies.

Will we get shirtless Loki in Thor Ragnarok? Pretty please???
How about fully clothed with a hat on?

Do you have any pets?
I once shared a chihuahua with a girl but lost it in a custody battle when we broke up.

Favorite state in the US? Please say Texas.

What is your favorite font?

Do you miss pies and flat whites when you’re in ‘Murica?
Just long blacks.

How’s Catherine finding being a vampire?
She has no regrets.

Are you in need of any dedicated PAs?
My PA is typing my answers and refuses to answer that.

Are you also mates with Brett from FOC? Why wasn’t he featured in What We Do In the Shadows? Actually, not sure he would have made a good vampire...hmmm
Yes we are friends and he was too busy winning Oscars.

What’s your favorite thing about acting vs directing?
You don’t have to use your brain to act

Shag, Marry, Kill: Jermaine Clement, Sam Neil, Chris Hemsworth
Shag and then kill all of them

If you weren’t a filmmaker what would you like to be? 
A film reviewer lol

What movie do you think would be vastly improved by the addition of a bear to the cast?

I want to be as funny as you are, any advice? 
Become me