Would Naz have stood a chance?

Spy News,
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Friday, 22 July 2016, 9:49AM
Naz Khanjani and Lily Taurau
Naz Khanjani and Lily Taurau

Radio DJ Lily Taurau was victorious over late entrant Laura Newell in Christchurch last night.

Newell, a pre-school teacher from Christchurch stepped in a the last minute after the withdrawal of Bachelorette Naz Khanjani. 

When asked if the fight against Khanjani could still happen, Taurau replied "I don't know, I'll have to think about it."

Taurau certainly proved that her hard work and training had paid off when the judges unanimously voted her the winner. 

Spy wants to know if Khanjani would have stood a chance against the DJ? We understand that the former Bachelorette is still keen to get in the ring at some stage.

Meanwhile, Story host Duncan Garner could soon enter the ring with Mai FM host Nate Nauer calling on him to fight. 

"Duncan Garner called me out at a pub one night, he said you think you're so tough, walking around here."

Nauer then challenged him to take it to the ring, to which Garner replied "yeah sweet, let's get in the ring." 

Will Garner take up the challenge? In 2014 former weatherman and former MP Brendan Horan called out Garner for a charity boxing fight to settle political scores, Garner did not take up the challenge.