Why viewers think Breakfast host is ‘dodgy’

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 11:38AM
Sam Wallace's moustache. Photo / Facebook
Sam Wallace's moustache. Photo / Facebook

Breakfast’s Mr Nice Guy Sam Wallace moved to the dark side this morning – and viewers weren’t happy.

The TVNZ weatherman has been rocking a bushy moustache in support of Movember this month and he took it up a notch today by trimming it into the shape of a bat.

In a social media post on the Breakfast Facebook this morning the question was posed: “The Sam Wallace 'batmo' - did he succeed?”

The replies were rather interesting.

Facebook user Ken Brown was supportive.

“That has some form. Symmetrical and very well contoured moustache Sam. I think you have a winner. That is pure definition at its best. Keep it my breev.”

Sina Lesatele said: “Imagine on his last day of Movember, if he shaved one side of his mo off, and went Half-mo, bat-mo...that would be a sight!”

But Sarah Michelle thought he looked downright dodgy.

Sorry but Ewwww i actully cant watch sam with this mo its awful he looks terribly dodgy & unsafe.”

Garrett Brown wanted to use this comment stream to bring light to something that’s been bugging him.

Just putting this out there to see if people think the same. Do you think Sam looks like Israel Dagg.”

Spy understands Wallace lost his Batmo soon after today’s episode of Breakfast ended.