Why the star of The Bachelor is waiting tables

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016, 11:15AM

Ever wanted The Bachelor to wait on you hand and foot?

Well tonight, the Bach Jordan Mauger along with fellow Kiwi celebs - model and TV personality Colin Mathura-Jeffree, actress Lucy Elliott and boxer David 'Buttabean' Letele - will be waiting on guests at Destiny Rescue’s Dark Secret Pop-up Dinner.

The celebs will not only be serving up delicious meals, but as it is International Anti-Slavery Day, will also be shining a light on a worthy cause: ending child sex slavery.

“We can't begin to fathom the horror sexploitation brings,” says Colin Mathura-Jeffree.

“We have a social and moral responsibility to protect those that can't protect themselves, and through projects like Destiny Rescue we aren't passive to the problem but can be part of the solution to save innocent lives.”

TV presenter Brooke Howard-Smith will be MCing the evening event, hosted at Auckland’s Blue Stone room. The menu is just $40-a-head and patrons will have the opportunity to learn more about the work being done by Destiny Rescue and some of the sobering truths about what goes on behind closed doors. They will also be able to help towards saving children in countries like Thailand, India and the Philippines who are trapped in sexual slavery.

For more information visit girlsonthemenu.co.nz or ticketmaster.co.nz.