Why Six60 is riding the bus

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016, 1:10PM
Six60 with their Auckland tour bus for the day. Photo / Instagram
Six60 with their Auckland tour bus for the day. Photo / Instagram

Kiwi band Six60 has gone from touring the world to spending their days on public transport, carrying their gear as they go.

But don't panic, the boys haven't fallen upon hard times, they're just taking the music to the people - literally.

The White Lines hitmakers have gathered their gear and commandeered an Outerlink bus, which they'll be playing music in this afternoon while the bus makes its loop around Auckland’s inner suburbs.

Six60’s Matiu Walters took to Twitter on Tuesday to tease the event, and this morning they - and Spark, who have teamed up with the band for the event - have  been tweeting and Snapchatting their movements leading up to the main event, which kicked off soon after 1pm, starting at the Victoria Park bus stop.

Most of Six60s members are usually based in LA, but flew back earlier this week. Now they're home, they're taking a chance to get up close and personal with the fans even if it is a bit out of the norm.

Bassist Chris Mac tweeted on Tuesday: “I'll be honest…I don't catch the bus pretty much ever. But tomorrow will be an exception.”

It’s not entirely clear what’s driven them to public transport, but fans aren’t complaining, with many of them taking to social media to express their excitement.