Why Bic Runga is covering a Kanye song

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016, 12:05PM
Bic Runga. Photo / I-D
Bic Runga. Photo / I-D

Kanye West seems to be full of confidence – but Kiwi singer Bic Runga says he’s more “vulnerable” than you’d think.

Runga has just released a new album called Close Your Eyes which she created with her partner Kody Nielson and it features her covering some her favourite songs.

In a recent interview with I-D, she said she chose to cover Kanye West’s Wolves because it’s both heavy and beautiful.

“I really love Kanye, he's made an enormous amount of music that you just can't argue with, and I really admire how he's forging his path against the odds as a fashion designer,” she said.

“Creatively you can't question that, these things just take a lot of energy and force. And yet sometimes when I think of some of his songs, I think how vulnerable a lot of it is.”

“Musically, Wolves walks this great line between strength and vulnerability which is a theme I've always been interested in, it's just a really heavy song, a really beautiful melody.

Check out her version here:

How do you think it stacks up to Kanye’s version?