Where has Samantha Hayes been this week?

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Thursday, 18 August 2016, 12:37PM

Newshub golden girl Samantha Hayes has been out of action this week due to a severe migraine.

Hayes was missing from the newsdesk for a few evenings, replaced by Sacha McNeil for the 6pm bulletin.

Hayes revealed on Twitter that she was "wiped out by a nasty migraine," but was back presenting Newshub with her temporary co-host Tom McRae last night.

McRae has been keeping the seat warm for Mike McRoberts who is currently reporting live from the Olympic Games in Rio.




Last night Hayes also posted to Facebook saying "I'm back in the studio tonight after being wiped out by a migraine for the last couple of days. See you soon."

Fans were supportive and have commented on her official Facebook page saying "feel for you Sam - get one or two a year only but they are very severe and knock me over for a couple of days. Hope you are well again now." And "good to see you back Sam." Migraines are no fun at all. We hope she feels better soon!