Where are they now: The Bachelor edition

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016, 10:46PM

Who knew that there was life after The Bachelor? From the various posts on Instagram, it looks like many of the past contestants have certainly moved on and some have even found love.

Season one runner up Dani Robinson has been living it up with her beau Logan Dodds. The pair are currently in Portugal celebrating their birthdays.

Robinson recently posted several photos of their holiday on Instagram. As you can see, the sun is definitely shining on these two, as they look adorably smitten.

Photos / Instagram. Posted by @therealdanigram

Meanwhile back in chilly New Zealand, season one winner Matilda Rice was helping boyfriend Art Green sell Clean Paleo cereal over the weekend. The pair were manning a stand at the Seriously Good Food Show in Tauranga. They even took time to pose with fans at the show.

Photo / Instagram. Posted by @matootles

Photo / Instagram. Posted by @Lindsay_everton

Shock early exiter from season two, Claudia Conaglen recently celebrated two months with Paul Ejamme in Mt Maunganui.

From the photos on their Instagram accounts, it looks like Claudia is also helping her man promote his business. Claudia and gal-pal Fatima Wheeler both posed with some of the health and wellness products from his business on the beautiful island of Ohau in Hawaii. What a way to work on your tan!

Photos / Instagram. Posted by @bluey0007

Judging by their clothes, some of Conaglen's fellow season two Bachelorettes definitely weren't topping up their tans when they had a catch on Sunday.
Alas, chief rose giver Jordan Mauger was nowhere to be seen.

Photo / Instagram. Posted by @gab_davenport