When pranks backfire: Jase’s awkward surprise visitor

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Friday, 27 January 2017, 12:02PM
Jase and PJ. Photo / Facebook
Jase and PJ. Photo / Facebook

Jase, the ZM prankster, has finally been given a taste of his own medicine.

A few weeks ago, ZM drive host Jase found out his old mate from Aussie was getting married this year.

Jase and the groom-to-be Jack go way back, which got Jase thinking he was in line to be a groomsman for the big day.

In Jase’s desperate attempts to prove his worthiness as a groomsman, he tried to butter up Jack every day for a week on the show.

All the while, Jack’s phone conversations had been recorded and played out on air.

After a long while waiting for Jack to pop the groomsman question (which he never did), Jase rang him one last time to try and get the answer he wanted…

Little did he know that PJ had organised a flight for Jack to make a surprise visit to Jase in the ZM studio.

Let’s just say the final outcome wasn’t as peachy as Jase would’ve wanted.