What's up with Ido?

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016, 11:33AM
Ido Drent. Photo / Instagram.
Ido Drent. Photo / Instagram.

No stranger to the medical world, Offspring and Shortland Street actor Ido Drent posted a photo to social media of him sitting in a hospital gown with a brown paper bag for his possessions.

Looking a little sorry for himself, Drent posted a cryptic message: "early morning slice and dice".

This led fans to jump to their own, somewhat personal conclusions! Jared Turner's wife Lizzy asked if he was having a vasectomy. Drent cheekily replied "noooo plenty more to do in that region!" 

There were plenty of blushes here in the Spy office when we read that reply. 

Turns out Drent is having some surgery on his knee. 

Let's hope he's back on his feet when the new addition to the family arrives. Drent's wife Mandy is due to have baby number 2 in November.

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