'Virtual violation' very real for Samantha Hayes

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Publish Date
Friday, 2 September 2016, 3:03PM

Samantha Hayes is not a happy lady.

The Newshub presenter revealed today that her Instagram account has been hacked and all of her photos have been deleted.

In a blog post, Hayes wrote that "the virtual violation felt very real" and that she “panicked” over what she might have used the same password for.

The Kiwi star, who has 11,000 followers, lamented the loss of her hacked account.

“It was my community and now they're gone,” she wrote.

"What grates me the most isn't losing the photos, some I still have, but losing the people I followed. I loved looking at what they posted. It was my nightly ritual and just like that, it's gone."

Hayes took to Twitter to update her followers on what was happening.

“Some lovely character called 'ohoziee' has hacked my Instagram account and deleted all my posts, about four years worth,” she wrote.

"Apologies in advance for anything they post. I might have to say goodbye to that form of social media unless Instagram can restore it.”