TVNZ host tells kids to 'bugger off'

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Thursday, 20 April 2017, 7:37AM

As a father of three sons, TVNZ Breakfast host Daniel Faitaua has some experience telling off kids. But it wasn't his children he reprimanded recently when dining out with his family.

Speaking on Breakfast yesterday, the newsreader revealed he had a stern word with a stranger's children after they repeatedly interrupted his meal.

"It's nice to have a night off cooking and once a month we take our boys to a restaurant," the affable newsreader explained.

"They know how to behave. We pack stuff for them like crayons and colouring books to keep them entertained while we're having a nice meal as a family.

"While we were there, a couple who were enjoying their wine, allowed their young kids to scream and yell in the restaurant. But also, come over and take the boys' crayons and tip their water out."

Daniel Faitaua's co-hosts Hilary Barry and Jack Tame were appalled by the children's reported behaviour.

Despite Faitaua's wife begging him not to, the newsreader was adamant "they need to be told" and set about telling them to "bugger off".

Host Hilary Barry was shocked by the children's behaviour but later admitted she wouldn't have been brave enough to reprimand someone else's children.

Meanwhile, Faitaua said the parents didn't respond to the situation, other than to glance in his direction.

The story hit a nerve with Breakfast viewers, who flooded the studio with feedback, supporting Faitaua.

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