TV3 journo hits back at MP over no-makeup insult

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Friday, 23 September 2016, 1:28PM
Newshub's Jenna Lynch is calling out female beauty standards. Photo / Newshub
Newshub's Jenna Lynch is calling out female beauty standards. Photo / Newshub

Newshub journalist Jenna Lynch has hit back at a Labour MP who made an insulting comment about her appearance. 

Lynch was working in her press gallery office at Parliament when two people - a press secretary and MP Stuart Nash - saw her without any makeup on and made unsolicited comments on her appearance. 

She detailed what happened in an opinion piece on Newshub, saying the press secretary told her she looked "unwell", and Nash said; "Gosh, did you have a rough night?" 

Nash has publicly apologised for the remark, saying: "I don't go out of my way to offend anyone at all, I'm very apologetic. I'm sorry that Jenna took offense and I apologise unreservedly, I completely regret saying what I did."

And while Lynch has "completely accepted" the apology, she's not letting go of the wider issue at hand, which was raised recently when singer Alicia keys made the decision to go makeup free. 

 As Lynch points out, many of the media headlines were along the lines of how Keys had made a "brave" decision and how her husband had to "defend" her for it. 

"Women not wearing make-up shouldn't shock people. Just as women wearing makeup shouldn't shock people. Wear whatever the hell you like," writes Lynch.

"But more importantly, even if it does shock you, don't announce it. Don't belittle someone and rain all over their self esteem for the hell of it."

Unlike Keys - who has appeared in paparazzi photos, on red carpets, at events, and on television without makeup - Lynch wasn't necessarily making a statement or going entirely makeup free. 

"Stuart's a good guy, we do have a good rapport and he probably just thought he was making a bit of a joke - that's fine," she said.

"But this is an issue about beauty standards and what is expected of us as women. I was just sitting at my desk, reading through an OIA [and] trying to figure out what was happening in the big wide world of Parliament so I can bring you the news. To be honest, I don't need makeup to do that.

"For him to come into my workplace and tell me that was a little bit hurtful...I completely accept his apology but this is a wider issue, so guys, think before you say these things to women. They can be hurtful, they can hurt our feelings and it's not ok."