Top moments from Hauraki’s No Sleep to Polling

Spy News,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 11:49AM

The 2017 general election has been and gone, but the legacy will forever live on at Radio Hauraki.

The notoriously mischievous team undertook the task of not sleeping (a wink) before polling – and man did they get up to some hijinks.

In fact, it was 27 hours of straight banter, politicians and a truckload of booze.

Some highlights include:

  • The legendary orange polling man dancing like a crazy person.
  • PM Bill English on the phone getting pranked with the classic ‘he’s dead isn’t he’ gag.
  • Labour leader Jacinda Adern playing a spectacular game of beer pong.
  • TVNZers Wendy Petrie and Renee Wright joining in on the fun in the studio.
  • The interesting/questionable political graphic presentation by the Bhuja team.
  • A shirtless Jerry Wells… (You’re welcome)
  • Mike Hosking making an appearance and looking unenthused in a trucker hat.
  • News anchor Simon Dallow high on helium saying “Hauraki! The greatest station in the history of radio… welcome.”