Toni Street shocked by birthday surprise

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 1:33PM
Toni Street blindfolded entering her own birthday party.
Toni Street blindfolded entering her own birthday party.

It started out as a relatively innocent morning for Toni Street – and then things got a little crazy.

The Hits presenter’s co-hosts Sarah Gandy and Sam Wallace have been teasing Street all week about a big “surprise reveal”.

Street admitted she was nervous on Instagram, saying: ‘MYSTERY BDAY SURPRISE THINGY is making me #nervous #whataretheydoingtome.’

And by golly… she had a right to be nervous. The Hits team set up an entire restaurant for her birthday, and spent the morning broadcasting live from it.

Here’s a little re-cap  of five birthday celebrations that happened today.

The Cobb & Co theme

Toni apparently has a sweet spot for the family chain restaurant so Sarah and Sam decided to theme her entire party as a Cobb & Co pop up restaurant.

Reliable sources say “Toni is known to be obsessed with Cobb & Co and has talked about it heaps on the radio show.”

We aren’t mad about it.

Toni’s parents crashing the party

Toni’s Taranaki upbringing sure unearthed a few stories this morning.

Street’s parents Geoff and Wendy joined in on the festivities and divulged a wee secret story about a tantrum Toni once threw in a Cobb & Co when she was a little girl.

Sam enjoying his Pink Panther

If you don’t know what a Pink Panther is … get out.

The famous, perfectly blended mocktail is an iconic beverage at Cobb & Co.

Basically (according to Google) it’s a ‘raspberry lemonade ice cream float’ with a fun mini umbrella as an embellishment. 

Wallace praises the old-fashioned drink “this is so legit!”

“It’s old-school like never before, how cool is this?!”

Ex NZ Idol contestant Michael Murphy sang

NZ Idol runner up Michael Murphy made an appearance and sang his song So Damn Beautiful and the crowd loved it, as did the birthday girl.

Mike Hosking’s casual party hat

We all know he has a fruity sense of style, but Streety’s Seven Sharp co-host really was the icing on the cake this morning in his jaunty little hat.

We love his enthusiasm, and errr, passion for fashion!

The party was an overall hit with everyone and it looks like Toni and her family had such a great time.

You can view the full party photo gallery here.