There's no sibling rivalry here

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Thursday, 21 July 2016, 10:21PM

America can keep the Kardashians, we have some pretty cool siblings out there that are either talented double acts or staunch supporters of each other.


Brother and sister music duo - Caleb and Georgia Nott have had a warm reception at home this week. They have bounced of each other beautifully in media interviews and given their magic combination of music on stage to their fans.

A few weeks ago, Caleb wished his sister happy birthday for all their fans to see their bond: “A big fat happy birthday to my beautiful and talented sister Georgia! I'm incredibly lucky to have you and wouldn't even be close to being the person I am without you sis. Love you to bits xxx”

The Matthews sisters

Healthy living teachers, sisters Julia and Libby Matthews, have taken their sibling bond to share their wellness devotion.

Last month, Julia was thrilled for Libby who is expecting a baby with her partner, professional footballer Michael Boxall. Like her sister, Julia has a sportsman partner, NRL star Lewis Brown, the pair live in Sydney.

Libby wished her sister happy birthday yesterday: “Sending so much love to Julia on her birthday today 💘 Thank you for being such an amazing sister and friend.”

Ardie and Julian Savea

The parents of Julian and Ardie Savea must be proud – having two All Blacks in the same family would be a thrill. Both rugby stars exude charisma off the field and have fast become Spy favourites.

Last month when Ardie made his All Black debut, Julian was proud as punch posting to social media: “Massive congrats to my brother @ardiesavea on making your debut tonight! Proud of you uce and it was an honour to be a part of it. Definitely more to come my uce love you bro!”

The Fowler sisters

The ex-pat Auckland sisters Georgia and Kate Fowler lead glamourous lives. Both are top model exports. Older sister Kate, who is based in Sydney, sent the Aussie media into a spin last year when her partner, multi-millionaire Justin Hemmes, who helms the Merivale Group hotels, announced the pair were having a baby.

Meanwhile younger sister Georgia, has been taking the global modelling scene by storm, regularly appearing in the pages of Vogue and other famous titles. She is constantly jetting between Europe and New York and has been linked to two of the world’s most famous men, Harry Styles and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Georgia is a proud aunt – and when she is not visiting her sister, she often posts to social media how much she is missing her niece.

The Yelich-O'Connor sisters

Ella and India Yelich-O’Connor aka Lorde and her little sister Indy.

Having your older sister become a global music sensation would be in most parts amazing, but also a little daunting as you’re finding your own path. Whilst we eagerly await Lorde’s new album, her little sis is doing the whole family proud and is coming into her own nicely. She has expressed an interest in exploring acting, had her fair share of media also, Teen Vogue did a great piece on her last year. Indy is fast developing a style to rival her sister’s.

The PM's children

The privately schooled children of PM John Key, Stephie and Max have surprised everyone with their out-there looks and chosen hobbies, interests and career paths.

They could be the subject of a good thesis for someone to write one day. At heart we have an artistic sister who likes magic potions and a musical brother who is marketing himself as a heart throb and trend setter.

However you look at the siblings, they are staunchly loyal towards one another and even though they seem to rebel against them - they love their folks.

The Hunter sisters

Rachel and Jacqui Hunter’s bond is admirable. When younger sister Rachel broke up from Rod Stewart, Jacqui was there for her, being her rock and fantastic aunty to Rachel’s children Liam and Renee.

In the years following, they both had their fair share of good times on the L.A. party scene. Both ladies have come up trumps with lots to be proud of with their L.A. lives.

Back in May, Rachel posted the photo above to her Instagram, with the caption: “11 years of sobriety my sister Jacqui has today... To have the will to change your life! I Loooove you”.

The Topp Twins

Of course our list wouldn't be complete without the Topp twins. For over 30 years, Jools and Lynda Topp have spread laughter and love to New Zealand. The country music singing comedy duo are famous for their alter egos Ken & Ken, and Camp Mother & Camp Leader.

Earlier this month they were the star attraction at the Rainbow Gala at SkyCity, celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.

When the duo pushed the whiskey trolley around the room, selling shots off the top shelf for charity, it was very, very hard to turn them down.