The Kiwi stars taking on Trump

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 11:54PM
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Photos / Instagram

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 12 days, you may be aware that a new US President has been sworn in and he’s been very busy with his executive order-signing pen ever since.

President Donald J. Trump's various policies and actions have angered the masses this past week, not just in his own country, but around the world. And adding their voices to that dissent are a number of well-known Kiwis who are either based in the States or spend large chunks of time there for work purposes.

Here are just a few of the barbs they've aimed at the new Trump administration since the former reality TV star took office.

Jemaine Clement

Actor Jemaine Clement has been a vocal opponent of Trump's policies and, as detailed by the Herald yesterday, he recently engaged in a Twitter war of words with one of the president's few celebrity supporters, former Happy Days star Scott Baio. 

After Clement called Baio's support for Trump "the worst Italian-German pairing since 1945", Baio bit back with a series of insults, including one about sheep that most New Zealanders hadn’t heard before.

"That's all you've got Kiwi? Bet you live with a lot of sheep," Baio tweeted. Burn.

Clement got his own back by telling Baio to "Sit on it." (That particular jibe will only be relevant to those who have seen Happy Days, but trust us when we say it's the biggest of Happy Days insults.)



Taika Waititi

Clement's old pal and colleague Taika Waititi has also been using his dry sense of humour to express displeasure at President Trump.

Amongst other things, he has poked fun at Trump's signature style of tweeting, his rocky relationship with various media organisations and his tendency toward exaggeration.



Waititi has wistfully reminisced about the good old days of 2016, a year widely condemned as being terrible in so very many ways.



The director has also been thinking practically, asking President Trump to "please delay World War 3 until I finish Thor".

It would be a shame for all of Waititi's hard work on Thor: Ragnarok to be for nothing. (And we’d quite like to find out what happens to Thor, too.)




Being the global superstar that she is, Lorde spends many of her days in the US – and it sounds like being so close to action is sitting heavy on the Kiwi singer’s heart. She told her Twitter followers this week: "The amount of hatred and fear radiating from this administration is already hard to bear, but we have to stay informed and stay outraged."

Lorde then hinted at the theme of her upcoming album, tweeting: "After a horrifying, anxiety-inducing week of news, music like this allows much needed catharsis."

She also had fighting words for the Trump administration.



Kim Crossman

Meanwhile, Los Angeles-based actress Kim Crossman has been busy retweeting the horror stories of those refugees and immigrants who found themselves suddenly shut out of the US this week, and ways in which to help them.

She also referenced her earlier work with World Vision and told her Twitter followers "#peopleforpeople – that is how it should be".



And just in case anyone was in any doubt as to the former Shortland Street star's real feelings on America's new president...



Rachel Hunter, Fleur Saville and Rose McIver

A slew of famous Kiwis based in the US also threw their support behind the Women's March that followed Trump’s inauguration, including supermodel Rachel Hunter, actress Shavaughn Ruakere, iZombie star Rose McIver, actress Fleur Saville and her producer/director fiance, Dean Cornish.


Wall of immense emotions🙏🏼 Human Rights✨ Woman's Rights ✨

A photo posted by Rachel Hunter (@rachelhunterx) on Jan 21, 2017 at 6:55pm PST


Stand together. #womensmarchlosangeles #strongertogether #standtogether #peacefulmarch

A photo posted by fleursaville (@fleursaville) on Jan 22, 2017 at 11:24am PST



A photo posted by Rose McIver (@imrosemciver) on Jan 21, 2017 at 1:20pm PST


Rhys Darby

Comedian and actor Rhys Darby also demonstrated his support of the Women's Marches around the world, retweeting images of the protesting masses.

He had earlier poked fun at Trump's inauguration, saying it was nothing compared to a good old-fashioned small-town Kiwi parade.



David Farrier

Documentary maker and former TV3 star David Farrier has also been prolific in his takedowns of Trump and his policies.

Proclaiming that "a toddler is in charge of America", Farrier is a fan of using Trump's old tweets against him.




And yesterday, Farrier echoed what is no doubt the sentiment of many when he said he was happy to be in New Zealand "doing normal New Zealand things".

(Although this last post really only serves to add weight to Scott Baio's sheep insult.)