The Kiwi stars on Santa's naughty list

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Thursday, 14 December 2017, 10:40PM
From MAFS stars to Mark Richardson & Jack Tame - here's the naughty list.
From MAFS stars to Mark Richardson & Jack Tame - here's the naughty list.

"He's making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice..."

Yes, indeed, it's that time of year when Santa is compiling his 'naughty' and 'nice' lists – and celebrities are not exempt from St Nick's scrutiny.

So which naughty stars do we think will be getting a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking this year?

The Pretty Committee ringleaders

Ben Blackwell of Married at First Sight NZ fame probably already knows his position on Santa's naughty list is guaranteed this year.

Blackwell found himself painted as the villain of the show, following the dramatic dinner party fight he picked with fellow MAFS star Haydn Daniels, and his near-constant reminders about how unattractive he found his husband, Aaron Chisholm, to be. (Okay, okay, we get it! You think he's hideous for reasons none of us understand.)

Joining Blackwell on the naughty list is his 'Pretty Committee' sidekick, Vicky Gleeson-Stokes, mostly for her stirring of the pot during that petty MAFS dinner party argument

But we don't imagine the Pretty Committee members, especially Blackwell, will be too bothered about being on Santa’s naughty list. Blackwell, himself, told Ryan Bridge during a radio interview last month that he doesn’t want to be known as "nice".

"I think I'm a friendly person, but nice is kind of dull to me. I would hate if I died and people described me as nice," he said.

We think you're safe on that front, Ben.



MAFS NZ's Andrew Jury

The Pretty Committee probably aren't the only MAFS stars languishing on Santa's naughty list, however.

Andrew Jury booked his spot on the list over his handling of some old Tinder messages that resurfaced this year.

When MAFS went to air, a woman revealed screenshots of her 2015 interaction with Jury on the dating app, in which he asked her to "satisfy his Asian fetish". After being knocked back, he told her she was "prudish”, "ugly” and "a mutant”.

Jury apologised publicly following the revelations, saying he was "so embarrassed and ashamed".

"I hope everyone can forgive and forget as I’m a new man these days," he said.

Except it didn't appear he was a new man after all

Shortly after the public apology, he found the woman on Facebook and sent her several messages, telling her she was an "awful person" and accusing her of blackmail and defamation.

And just for good measure, Jury also lashed out at a Herald journalist over a story that was written about MAFS NZ.

"You're shit, mate," Jury said in an email.

Charming. (Although he did apologise for that "overreaction".)


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Jase Hawkins

ZM's Jase Hawkins isn't naughty so much, but seeing as Santa doesn’t have a "cheeky list" that we know of, here we are.

The serial prankster has outdone himself with naughty tricks this year, mostly at the expense of his long-suffering radio partner in crime, PJ Harding.

Amongst other things in 2017, Hawkins surprised Harding with an audition for First Dates (on her birthday, no less), set her up on a "deaf date" with her ex-boyfriend, tricked her into eating dog biscuits, and stitched her up during a phonecall to Team New Zealand's Peter Burling

But Harding got her own back a few times this year – including savaging her naughty co-host with this parody of Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do. Cue jokes about being old, balding and of the understanding that Barcelona is a country, not a city.



Mark Richardson

As a presenter on Three's The AM Show this year, broadcaster Mark Richardson landed himself in hot water – and on Santa's naughty list – a few times.

Most notable (to the point where his actions were picked up by international media, too) was his questioning of Jacinda Ardern's plans for a family, mere hours after she assumed the role of leader of the Labour Party. 

"I think this is a legitimate question for New Zealand, because she could be the Prime Minister running this country - she has our best interests at heart so we need to know these things," Richardson said on the show.

"If you are the employer of a company you need to know that type of thing from the woman you are employing ... the question is, is it okay for a PM to take maternity leave while in office?"

Ardern told Richardson it was "totally unacceptable" to say a woman should have to answer that type of question in the workplace. (And the Human Rights Commission supports Ardern's stance, just in case anybody was still wondering about that sort of thing going into 2018.)

But that wasn't the only stink Richardson caused this year (stink being the operative word).

He also shocked his AM Show co-hosts (and the nation) when he admitted to defecating into the ocean off the back of his jet ski one weekend. 

“I had wetsuit trousers on ... I pulled them down and I balanced on the edge of the jet ski, holding onto the steering handle and managed to do my business,” he said of the incident.

Santa does NOT approve of such actions. (And neither does Auckland Council, who told the Herald the disposal of untreated sewage from a vessel into the ocean in all of Auckland’s bays and inlets is actually banned).


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Jack Tame

Richardson isn't the only early morning TV host on Santa's naughty list this year, however. His competition over at TVNZ has been a little cheeky, too.

Breakfast's Jack Tame had viewers baying for his blood during a particularly awkward interview with Prime Minister Ardern last month, with many labelling it "bizarre" and "rude". Even Tame's co-hosts spent the rest of that morning's show poking fun at "Angry Jack"

But that's not why Tame's on the naughty list. No, siree. Instead, his spot is cemented for using a live television broadcast to drop his best friend, Breakfast weather presenter Matty McLean, in it back in July. 

McLean was left squirming when Tame made a joke about his trip to the Glastonbury music festival that month.

As the Breakfast team gathered on screen ahead of the 8am news, Hilary Barry teased an upcoming interview about drugs at festivals.

"If you go to a festival and take drugs, do you really know what you're taking?" she said to camera, as McLean struggled to keep a straight face nearby.

Tame chose that moment to ask his colleague: "How was Glastonbury, Matty? Was that alright? Just out of interest."

As he dissolved into a fit of laughter, Tame added, "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist it."

Come on, Jack. What goes on tour stays on tour!



Shaun Johnson

Kiwis halfback Shaun Johnson rocketed on to Santa's naughty list shortly after his team's exit from the Rugby League World Cup last month.

Made to front up to media following the loss to Fiji, Johnson spat the dummy, taking a swipe at shell-shocked fans.

"The most disappointing thing for me is that everyone who doubted us - the fans, media - yous got your way," he said.

Johnson did have a change of heart a couple of days later, sharing a statement via his Facebook page saying the only people to blame for the team's loss were themselves. 

"Rattled from what had just happened, I said something [following the match] that came across completely wrong, implying that the fans are to blame for how we played and that they would be satisfied. I f**ked up.

"Anyone who knows me knows that's not and never will be me. I take full responsibility for my performances, good or bad."

Luckily for Johnson, Santa is ready to forgive this, but only because he's the most diehard of Warriors fans.



Lily McManus

Finally, we have the breakout star of this year's season of The Bachelor NZ – the delightfully cheeky Lily McManus.

Upon the end of The Bachelor (in which McManus was runner-up), she apologised "for all the trouble I intentionally caused", before moving to Auckland to engage in a little more.

McManus proved she can party most hearty, a point that was underlined during her 21st celebrations last month.

"When I was 17, I thought that by 21 I'd either be dead or in Vegas," she told her 45,000 Instagram followers the morning after her party. "Last night was Vegas grade dirty and this morning I feel like I might die."

That same month she also joined forces with her former Bachelorette colleagues to "ruin some lives" at the NZ Music Awards.

We sincerely hope she's been raising the same merry hell on the set of The Bachelor Winter Games over in the US...


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