The Kiwi stars getting honest about parenting

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Monday, 15 January 2018, 11:43PM
Anna Paquin, Anika Moa and Nadia Lim. Photos / Instagram
Anna Paquin, Anika Moa and Nadia Lim. Photos / Instagram

With tennis superstar Serena Williams sharing her parenthood struggles in Vogue this month, we look at some of the Kiwi celebrities who also aren’t afraid to admit raising kids isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin has her hands full these days, juggling an acting career with caring for five-year-old twins, Charlie and Poppy – but she and husband Stephen Moyer keep a sense of humour about things.

For Paquin's birthday last year, Moyer gifted her a card with the message: "Although frowned upon, it's not illegal to call a toddler an a**hole."

Paquin referenced the card's message again just a week ago whilst travelling with her children, telling her Instagram fans, "That goes for preschoolers having full blown melt downs in boarding lines too, right?"

She often hints at the ups and downs of parenting, once asking fans "is there some magic age when kids stop being walking illness dispensers?" She also recently explained she was wearing sunglasses during a Venice Beach sunset because her eyes "betrayed her lack of sleep".

Knowing that even Oscar winners are not immune to kids' tantrums, interrupted sleep and long winters of child sickness is no doubt a comfort to parents everywhere.



Anika Moa

Anika Moa is famous for her frequently hilarious observations about life as a mum.

The singer-songwriter lavishes love all over her three sons, Barry, Taane and Soren, but is also quick to joke about the tough moments whenever they roll around.

Last year, she shared the joys of the family holiday with her fans, saying the "fun" included "three screaming kids, tantrums from the 3 year old, no listening, full of energy and basically crazy”.

And it sounds like these current school holidays are going about as well for Moa and her wife, Natasha Utting, as they are for all parents around the country.

"Holidays? More like working travel parenting!" Moa wrote on Instagram 10 days ago. "I need a holiday from my holiday. Kids are wonderful, but f*** my life, I need a break already."


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Nadia Lim

Celebrity chef and My Food Bag co-founder Nadia Lim has also been open about how "holidays" change once kids are in the picture.

She and husband Carlos Bagrie took their one-year-old son Bodhi on a pre-Christmas break to Australia's Byron Bay and laughed at the definition of holiday.

"It doesn't mean relaxing lying on the beach, leisurely swims and romantic dinners anymore," Lim told her social media followers.

"Instead, it’s 10 minute turns swimming by yourself, always keeping an eye on the time for lunch and naps, window shopping only because someone pulls a tanty in the store you reeeeally want to go into, and rushed, early dinners at places that serve chips and tomato sauce. Ahhhh, the family holiday!"


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Kate Cameron

Kate Cameron has been building a personal brand of "real, not perfect" since finding fame on The Bachelor - and that now extends to documenting her journey to becoming mum to daughter Lucy Rose.

The former Bachelorette freely admits that, like most new mothers, she "had no idea what was going on" when her baby arrived.

She told her almost 10,000 Instagram followers that "all I knew was I had been blessed with a responsibility bigger than anything I had ever known. Because if I knew the extent of the responsibility, then I would have freaked out."

Cameron also recently used her platform to dole out some advice to other new parents, saying "you are allowed to cry".

"Reach out to someone if it gets really bad. Tell a friend to bring you a coffee or, if you're on formula feeding, then a wine. You are allowed to feel every emotion in one day because that's the nature of being a mum. It is a journey that can take you from your highest highs to your lowest lows. Let's do this together, not against each other."



Libby Matthews

Popular wellbeing blogger and cookbook author Libby Matthews has also been very open about her struggles with motherhood – most notably the crippling sleep deprivation that comes with it.

After months and months of little sleep, Matthews told her followers about the sleep training she ended up doing with daughter Maxwell Milou.

"What a difference a proper night's sleep makes you feel. I was this close to checking myself into a psych ward," she said.

"Sleep deprivation is the absolute pits! This pic was from last week when I was so tired from getting up in the night that I put [Maxwell] into bed with me, only to be kicked in the head. Can anyone else relate? #Mombie #Aged10years."

Matthews has also had to shoulder the burden of travelling long distances with a baby in tow, what with her footballer partner Michael Boxall playing for teams in South Africa, then the US.

And doesn't she make flying with a baby sound fun?

"Flying almost 30 hours with a 3 month old baby was an experience," Matthews shared last year. "Flew 8 hours to Perth, had a 9 hour stop over and then after 11 hours to Joburg we finally made it. Before I had even got on my first flight I had already changed my top 3 times because I had been spewed and peed on. Now to deal with a jet lagged baby that is up all night."


Off to watch Daddy play ⚽️☺️❤️

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Jaquie Brown

Following the birth of her son, Leo, actor, writer and TV presenter Jaquie Brown went a step further than most celebrity parents by actually penning a book about pregnancy and life with a newborn.

She told the Herald last year she had wanted I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant! to be a "funny guide for Kiwi women", even though her own pregnancy had been "horrendous". 

"I was so ill I eroded the enamel on my teeth from vomiting and ended up in hospital on a drip," she said.

Brown revealed in the same interview that life changed again when she had her second baby, daughter Ivy.

"I felt like I'd lost my footing career-wise. I thought, 'Who's going to hire me? What have I got to say? I don't fit in current affairs. I don't particularly feel funny. I feel like I've lost my sense of humour. I'm worn down by the day to day of raising those two beautiful energetic little chipmunks.'"


A rare moment when she's still. I live for these snugs. #familyholiday #tahiti

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Dame Valerie Adams

Shortly after the birth of her daughter Kimoana Josephine last year, double Olympic champion Dame Valerie Adams was candid about the struggles she and her husband Gabriel Price went through to even have their baby.

Adams told Woman's Day she opted for IVF treatment, with her first pregnancy failing to take.

"It was horrible – the worst experience ever. My heart was broken. All we could do was cry," she told the magazine.

Soon after, Adams was diagnosed with endometriosis and a different course of treatment resulted in a successful pregnancy.

She told Woman's Day she was happy to talk about her struggles with IVF, especially if it broke down some taboos that still exist around the topic.

"My feeling is, it's still my egg and Gabe's sperm, and looking at Kimoana now, how could you argue it was anything but a blessing? It's a bizarre subject, but I'm all for opening up if it helps our people."


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Finally, Pip Brown (aka Ladyhawke) this month summed up the sentiment of new mothers everywhere with her most recent Instagram shot.

Posing next to her baby daughter's pram in a photo taken by her wife, Madeleine Sami, Ladyhawke announced to the world:


And most days with a baby, that's an achievement in itself...


I LEFT THE HOUSE 🏡 🚶🏼♀️ 📷 @madeleinesami

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