The final word on Shorty’s ‘penis-gate’

Spy News,
Publish Date
Friday, 17 February 2017, 9:51AM

Shortland Street’s Michael Galvin has declared the penis “virus” is over – but we’re sorry to say, it’s still going strong, thanks to the latest instalment in the penis-gate saga.

The hosts of Flava’s Wake Up Call – including Shorty star Pua Magasiva – headed backstage at Shortland Street HQ to film a music video for the remix, spawned by last week’s infamous cliffhanger.  

The ending to last Friday’s episode went viral after Chris Warner, played by Galvin, confronted his son Harry over a ‘dick pic’ that appeared on his tablet, uttering the now iconic line: “Please tell me that is not your penis!”

The clip was given a dubstep remix a few days later, which quickly became a smash hit in its own right, with the team at Flava deciding the song needed its own official video.


Magasiva, who plays Vinnie on Shorty, was joined by his radio co-hosts Sela and Tarsh to film the video on set, along with cameos from Sam Bunkall (Boyd), Laurel Devenie (Kate) and Tane Williams (Ali).

While his co-stars all dance and lip sync around him, Galvin sits dejectedly in the middle of the scene, looking fairly fed up.

When the dubstep beat ends, Galvin gets up and approaches the camera, declaring: “This virus is now over”.

Sorry to tell you, Michael, but with half a million views and coverage on sites such as The Sun and The Independent, this “virus” ain’t going to die anytime soon.