The curious case of Duco

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Sunday, 14 May 2017, 6:42AM

We enjoy many of Duco’s terrific events, but this week the spotlight has turned to the inside workings of the promoters.

At the Parker v Cojanu fight last week at the Vodafone Events Centre there was a breed of new wealthy clients in the room, thanks to Agustina Mon, the new love of Duco founder David Higgins.

Mon had a spring in her step and a new look to boot, with blonde streaks in her brunette hair and rocking a silver sequinned mini dress that wowed the room as the mother of two shimmied through the arena. Mon and Higgins would not pose for Spy on their own but were happy to pose with others.

Duco’s ringside girls may have some competition, with strip-club owners Chow brothers in attendance as one of the sponsors of the night. Their Penthouse Club had its own red-carpet photo wall in the foyer, however Spy noted that the majority of guests chose to pose in front of the traditional Duco fight card photo wall.

The absence of Higgins’ fellow Duco director Dean Lonergan garnered plenty of whispers too. “He’s too busy organising the Pacquiao v Horn welterweight fight in Brisbane,” a Duco staff member told Spy.

By Monday news had leaked that the Higgins-Lonergan partnership could be heading for divorce.

Known for their fighting talk to media and opponents, the pair has remained unusually silent this week.