The Breakfast team mock Matty McLean… again

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Thursday, 27 July 2017, 10:58AM

When you start your day at 4am, you need a little laughter to get you through the day – and the Breakfast team love nothing more than teasing weatherman Matty McLean.

Yesterday, newsreader Daniel made Hilary snort when he threw to Matty, who was at a cat café.

“Now Matty, you’ve surrounded yourself with a lot of pussies,” said Daniel as he crossed to Matty.

Hilary can be heard laughing while Matty shook his head and took a long pause before saying: “I knew it. I was waiting for it all morning.”

The openly gay presenter then joked “it’s been a while” before carrying on like the pro that he is.

It’s not the first time Matty’s been the butt of a Breakfast joke. Last month, Jack cracked a joke about Matty’s recent visit to Glastonbury off the back of a news story about drugs at music festivals.

And earlier in the year, the weatherman dissolved into fits of laughter when Daniel followed up a story about an overgrown shrub with the comment: “Matty, I’m sure if you had a bush, you’d trim it.”

Definitely more pussy than I'm used to... @baristacatscafe #cats #catcafe

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