The Block NZ boys to release love advice podcast

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 4 March 2017, 3:01PM
Sam Cable and Emmett Vallender.
Sam Cable and Emmett Vallender.

Before best mates and The Block NZ 2016 winners Sam Cable and Emmett Vallender filmed last year’s series, they packed up their Wellington flat and put their stuff in storage.

Now the winners, who pocketed $480,000 between them, are firmly ensconced in Auckland, where the promotional work and job offers are flowing.

The boys chose to flat in a Grey Lynn villa, telling Spy the inner-city suburb is like Wellington. Their flatmate is Fionna Pierce, who they met through the show.

Cable and Vallender told Spy their prize money was in the bank — well, minus a trip to Hawaii shortly after they won and an Audi Q7 Vallender bought.

“I’m working as a National Construction and Project Manager for Domino’s Pizza, weird to think that after the roles we played as a team on The Block that I’m in the building industry and Emmett is working for a homeware design company,” Cable told Spy.

Indeed, Cable was the happy homemaker and Vallender was the building bloke.

“I’m working for Citta as the HR Manager, an amazing brand and one hell of a team there. Fair to say, our house is now looking like a designer’s showroom thanks to some Citta products and design tips,” Vallender told Spy.

“We do the odd drive-by through Meadowbank to reflect on old times and to admire the beauty from afar.

“We restrain ourselves from popping in for a gidday though, as we would be tempted to steal our photos back from the mantel. We assume they kept them.”

They are becoming a firm fixture on the social circuit, though both insist they are still D-Listers.

But the boys are about to aim for a taste of fame again.

“We have been working our tails off since we finished up, so for a bit of fun we are creating a Podcast entitled Sam and Emmett, Curious about Love.

“It’s intended to be a light-hearted take on all things to do with love, nothing too serious, but we are aiming to get it out in the next week or so, if we can figure this bloody garage band out,” they said.

Perhaps the Podcast will tell us a bit about Vallender’s mystery girlfriend, who it seems has moved in with them.

“I have been lucky enough to find a girlfriend who puts up with not only my rubbish, but also Sam’s.” Vallender said.

And hopefully it will help Cable on his quest for love: “Due to a terrible commitment phobia, I’m still single.”