The Bachelorettes: Where are they now?

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Monday, 14 November 2016, 10:33PM
Jordan Mauger and Fleur Verhoeven
Jordan Mauger and Fleur Verhoeven

It's been six months since the nation was gripped by the dramatic turn of events following season two of The Bachelor NZ.

While fans of the show didn't get the love story they were hoping for, some attention-grabbing Bachelorettes and a fleeting romance that spectacularly crashed and burned still loom large in their memories.

So what have some of the more memorable Bachelorettes been up to since moving on from Jordan Mauger?

Fleur Verhoeven

Life has certainly been a rollercoaster for Fleur Verhoeven since she "won" the second season of the show.

After enduring a very public split from Mauger just days after the show's finale aired on TV3, the bubbly blonde soon bounced back with a new career venture – and a new relationship.

In July, Verhoeven confirmed she was in a relationship with photographer Richard Wood, who had earlier shot the Bachelorette as a phoenix rising from ashes.



The couple have since gone into business together, launching a wedding photography venture, and recently enjoyed a long holiday in the US and Mexico.



Nazanin Khanjani

And it's certainly been a rollercoaster few months for Bachelor runner-up, Nazanin "Naz" Khanjani, too.

Although she was a hot favourite to win the final rose on the show, Khanjani found herself jilted by Mauger at the 11th hour. But it wasn't long before there was a new romance in the air for the woman who was loved and loathed in equal measure by Bachelor fans.

Khanjani was soon shacked up with digital marketing consultant, Craig Sutherland, with the duo posting regular gushing posts to their respective social media accounts. Sutherland was also by Khanjani's side when she stepped into the celebrity boxing ring and beat Paul Henry's daughter, Bella.

However, the relationship hasn't been without its speed bumps. The couple called it quits two weeks ago, but have reportedly since decided to give their romance another go. 



Erin Higgins

Erin Higgins, the Bachelorette famously sent home after she turned Mauger down for an overnight date, made the decision to skip New Zealand shortly after the show aired.

After a short stint on the Auckland social scene, including whiskey parties with Mauger and birthday parties with Max Key, Higgins hopped on a plane to Sydney, telling her Instagram fans it was a one-way ticket.

And it looks like life across the ditch certainly agrees with her!


#melbournecup with my girls #straya 😍 #sydney

A photo posted by Erin Higgins (@erin_higgo) on Oct 31, 2016 at 10:30pm PDT


Gab Davenport

And Higgins isn't the only season two Bachelorette to skip the country since filming ended on the show.

Gab Davenport, who finished fourth in the race for Mauger's affections, hopped on a plane to London a few months ago and has been enjoying a bit of European summer before hunkering down for the British winter.

"Farewell NZ and all the beautiful people in my life!" she wrote on Instagram upon leaving Auckland. "You'll all be missed, I'm sure I'll cry the entire flight from here to London - but you're all worth the tears (and my running mascara)!"



Kate Cameron

Despite sitting firmly in the "friend zone" with Mauger, Kate Cameron made it through to the final five on the show and has been a regular fixture on the Auckland social scene ever since.

Like many of the other Bachelorettes, she has also found romance elsewhere and has been busy leveraging her profile to promote several products to her social media followers.



Storm Halkett

An early favourite to win the second season of The Bachelor NZ, Storm Halkett was back in the arms of a former French flame before the show had finished airing.

She and boyfriend Maxime still appear to be going strong, having travelled to France for a wedding, and more recently attending the NZ Netball Awards together.


Black tie with Mon canard #nznetballawards #imwearingalicemccall#nottheonlystorm

A photo posted by Storm Halkett (@storm_halkett) on Nov 3, 2016 at 8:32pm PDT


Rebecca Trelease

This PhD candidate found herself sent home from The Bachelor NZ after Mauger learned her PhD was in reality television.

"Are you studying me? Are you studying the other girls?" he asked at the time, to which Trelease denied any ulterior motive for being on the show.

Her studies are ongoing, with Trelease announcing a few weeks ago that she is due to present at a media and communications conference in the UK next year.



Shari Flavall

She was the funny girl of season two - and the fun's continued for Flavall since Mauger bid her farewell.

She accompanied Verhoeven on a cruise around the Pacific earlier in the year and has auctioned off the necklace Mauger gifted her on the show for charity.

And Flavall also recently scored herself a fulltime job with a leading film and TV talent agency, having accepted "that working two days a week and applying for reality TV shows probably won't cut it out here in the real world".