The Bachelor meets his 19 bachelorettes

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 18 March 2017, 3:30PM
Left to right: Ally, Rosie, The Bach and Lucia.
Left to right: Ally, Rosie, The Bach and Lucia.

Tonight, the third season of The Bachelor NZ begins and lifeguard Zac Franich gets to meet his 19 bachelorettes.

So who’s lining up to win his heart? Spy caught up with three gals from the mansion and from our early assessment, competition will be stiff.

First up is Nelson-based Ally, 23. Like former bachelorette Chrystal Chenery, Ally is a qualified yoga instructor and also has a cosmetic tattooing business. Hopefully Franich, 28, is into ink because Ally wears her tats proudly. She has a sloth on her bottom, and another contains advice from her dad: “Life is what YOU make it”.

Ally told Spy that if she was going to tattoo Franich it would be his eyebrows — “Zac could definitely get some Guybrows” — though she doesn’t think he needs any cosmetic enhancement. “He is already on point.”

Ally reckon’s she the laidback, kind one in the house and doesn’t like drama.“I’m always laughing and smiling. I hope Zac likes my optimistic outlook on life, I’m always trying to see the good in people and situations and I know he’s the same.”

Next up is Rosie, 23, from Christchurch. She’s studying a degree in psychology and put her skills to the test on the show.

“I definitely took note of Zac’s body language a lot. Almost too much. It was interesting to see who he was vibing with just by the way he interacted with them physically.

“I naturally take note of people’s body language all the time, I find it so fascinating. If you really want to gauge how someone feels about you, watch more than listen.”

Franich will need to turn up the romance on those dates with Rosie: “I had a boyfriend who used to work away and he once flew home a few days early to surprise me. I was half asleep and heard a knock on the door and he was standing there with flowers. I find the most simple gestures the most romantic, anything that says ‘I’m thinking of you and I love you.’ Someone wrote me a love letter when I was younger and I still have the fragments,” she says.

Lastly meet Lucia, a 21-year-old Aucklander in the last year of her nursing degree. She’s into sport and can’t stand a bad kisser.

The self-described tomboy had only lovely things to say about her fellow housemates and has described Franich as pretty cool. She’s looking forward to the physical challenges on the show: “I love a bit of adventure, I have been skydiving and bungee jumping as well as adventure quadbiking.”

And don’t expect too much social media engagement: “I definitely hate the way our generation, and me in particular, rely on our phones and social media.

“I love catching up with friends face-to-face and not over Facebook chat. You see it a lot more with children now growing up and sitting all day on iPads rather than getting out and climbing trees with friends — which was my childhood in a nutshell. Although I’ll confess I am a big sucker for Snapchat.”