The Bachelor just got so, so awkward

George Fenwick,
Spy News,
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 9:42AM

One of our favourite Bachelorettes has gone home - and she had a few choice words for Bachelor Zac Franich on the way out.

Nina, a self-confessed geek and major Harry Potter fan, failed to receive a rose during last night's elimination, and things quickly got awkward.

After an uncomfortable moment when it seemed like she wasn't going to leave at all, things got even more tense when she decided to skip the formalities and tell Franich exactly how she felt about the situation.

Rosie comforts Nina after her elimination. Photo / Three

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"Thank you for giving me this opportunity," she began, before firing up.

"I've got to admit though, I feel like you didn't really give me a chance," she said.

"I don't do well in those group settings.

"I really don't."

Her outburst led to some shocked reactions by her fellow Bachelorettes - including this stunned expression from Molly.

Molly reacts to Nina's message for Zac. Photo / Three

It seemed like Franich didn't really know what to say, before coming up with this zinger: "I'm sorry you feel that way".

"It is really tough, and I guess sometimes I've just got to go off a gut feeling."

Despite the intense awkwardness of this interaction, you've got to admire Nina's bravery; most eliminated Bachelorettes go for the classic, "it was really nice getting to know you," before the inevitable follow-up: "You've got so many beautiful girls to choose from".

Nina is consoled by Bel during her elimination on The Bachelor NZ.

It's a shame to see her go: Nina had carved out a space in our hearts as the shy, self-deprecating book nerd incapable of saying more than three words without a nervous laugh.

Fans took to Twitter to show their support for her.

Last week she said she was like an onion that Franich had managed to peel back two out of 10 layers, but it seems two was enough for the Orewa lifesaver to make his call.

Who is the real Nina, 10 onion layers deep? We may never know.