The Bachelor finale: Who will it be - Lily or Vi?

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 20 May 2017, 4:45PM
Which girl will have the Bach's heart? Viarni Bright or Lily McManus?
Which girl will have the Bach's heart? Viarni Bright or Lily McManus?

After plenty of pashing, but no overnight stays, it all comes down to this.

We find out tonight whether Bachelor Zac Franich puts a ring on gorgeous Viarni Bright or the spirited and equally stunning Lily McManus.

Tonight, both girls meet Franich’s family — forget mum and dad, it seems his sister Bree is the one from whom the girls need the tick of approval. Both girls remembered her fondly.

So, bearing in mind they’ve had some time to get used to Franich’s decision, how were they before the big reveal? Both seem sanguine.

“Like I said in the last episode, my feelings for Zac have developed and grown a lot from day one to now. I didn’t expect to feel this way and I want to keep exploring our relationship. But what’s meant to be is meant to be and I know he will follow his heart, wherever that may lead him,” said Bright, 22.

McManus: “It sounds like a cop-out, but honestly I will be happy either way this goes. When you really care about someone you just want them to be happy and if that’s not with me then I’ll be able to find peace with that. Of course I’ll be gutted but I’ll be okay.”

But if Franich, 28, doesn’t choose McManus, he’d better watch out — she’d love to fight him — maybe Muay Thai style.

“He thinks he could beat me in a fight — the man has poor judgment.” said McManus, 20.

Bright likes that the Bach is not afraid to laugh at himself and says although he can come across as quite serious on the show, there’s a lot more to him than two-minute cocktail party chats. She loves his “goofy smile” which she says makes it “hard to be mad at him for dating other chicks, ha ha”.

McManus is impressed that Franich is not the type of man whose masculinity is easily threatened, which is a big deal for her. She says he also has a massive heart and he would do anything for the people he cares about.

Bright is focused on the finish line, but the fame that comes with being in the final is not lost on her. She’d welcome the A-list party invites.

“If I get to go to some cool music gigs or eat some delicious food I wouldn’t be complaining! I’m excited to see what could happen.”

However, McManus, 20, welcomes the ability to keep being herself. “Honestly I’m not 100 per cent sure — all this attention is never something I planned on happening. I’d love to keep talking smack and being myself but I’m not too sure if that’s a justifiable career path.”

As in seasons before, the bachelorettes don’t fade from the limelight. Spy expects to hear more from the devastated Claudia Hoskins, who made her exit on Monday. We’re told she made no secret of a past hook-up with Max Key to cast and crew. Based on last year’s last minute Bachelor change-of-mind, rumours really did reach fever pitch this week, as people speculated that after filming Hoskins and Franich had hooked up — something strenuously denied by Three.