That explicit Patrick Gower tattoo is real

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 3:45PM
Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

Ever fancy getting a tattoo but can’t quite pick the right image? Perhaps you should think of getting a Patrick Gower face on your leg.

One man has actually gone and done exactly that.

Canterbury truck driver Caleb Julien got a caricature of Newhub’s political editor Patrick Gower permanently tattooed on his shin.

Along with the image, he got the slogan “I am the f***ing news” printed underneath Gower’s face.

Julien, 29, told Fairfax he was a big fan of TV3’s outspoken political reporter and liked to share posts about him with his friend, Josh T-Rex, his tattoo artist.  

Patrick Gower famously once said “this is the f***ing news” in a video that was part of a law school revue skit that went viral on YouTube.