Team Pete or Team Manu: Which one are you?

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 10:24PM
Manu Feildel and Pete Evans
Manu Feildel and Pete Evans

The makers of My Kitchen Rules NZ might be trying to make a pair of "foodie friends" from Christchurch the talking point of their third season, but we all know who the real stars of the show are: the charming, slickly professional judges imported from across the Tasman.

Pete Evans and Manu Feildel are a My Kitchen Rules institution, having hosted the Australian version of the show since its inception in 2010.

And their legion of dedicated fans usually fall into one of two tribes: Team Pete or Team Manu. Because although these celebrity chefs might be the best of pals, they appeal to audiences in very different ways.

So with My Kitchen Rules NZ back on our screens, we take a closer look at Evans and Feildel to help you decide which camp you fall into.


What do we know about 'Paleo Pete'?

He prefers his nuts activated

Yes, Pete Evans is the Aussie bloke who sent social media into a tailspin in 2012 when he had the audacity to admit he eats activated almonds as part of his paleo dietary regime.

But while he may have been the butt of many jokes back then, Evans has built quite the paleo empire since, with followers lapping up his many cookbooks, online eating programmes, TV shows and readymade meals (amongst other things).

So who's laughing now, huh?


Activating my nuts!! Thanks @polarbareclub for the experience. #energised #cryotherapy

A post shared by Healthy Paleo Chef (@chefpeteevans) on Sep 6, 2017 at 1:01am PDT


He's a magnet for controversy

Evans' strong paleo ethos has, however, garnered controversy along the way.

Many groups have been quick to criticise some of Evans' recommendations, and a children's recipe book he co-authored was dropped by publishers Pan Macmillan over concerns about some of its recipes for babies.

Evans' thoughts on sunscreen and fluoride have also come in for criticism, however Evans has become much more combative this year in defending what he calls "fake news" around his wellbeing regime.



He probably needs to work on his dinner party small talk

In his quest to better everyone's health, Evans has shown he’s not afraid to broach traditionally taboo topics of conversation.

For example, just a month ago, Evans used his vast social media platform to bring up the benefits of squatting, rather than sitting, on a toilet.

Admitting that "it might not be the best dinner party conversation starter" (no kidding), Evans went on to talk about healthy colons and how "squatting creates cool stools".

We'll wait to see if he brought up this little conversation starter around the table at any of the MKR NZ instant restaurants...



He's forever chasing the perfect wave

Evans' dedication to surfing will no doubt enamour him to many Kiwis who share his enthusiasm for the sport.

When he's not working, Evans is often out on his board, usually with his daughters Chilli and Indii in tow.

He also went out of his way to visit some of New Zealand’s best surf spots whilst in the country filming My Kitchen Rules. Driving to Raglan and the Coromandel from Auckland before his workdays began paid off, with the chef raving about the swell in both areas.



He's at one with nature

Evans and his wife, Nicola Robinson Evans, are both devoted to the fur babies on their farm in New South Wales, their horses in particular.

So much so, that on his day off over the past weekend, Evans nipped home to "reconnect to some very special beings in this life", which involved some nude and not-so-nude photos with the horses under their trees.

"I had the most beautiful time together with Nic and our little furry family," Evans said on Instagram. "I can't wait to find another 24 hours to do it all over again very soon."



So there you have it. If you are a surfing, health-conscious, nature-loving person who likes their nuts activated, then you are most definitely on Team Pete.


But what of Evans' partner in reality TV crime, Manu Feildel?

He has the dreamy accent

Being a Frenchman, Feildel has the kind of accent that would make reading out the shopping list sound amazing. Hearing him ask "Where’s the sauce?" is even better.

He likes sauce

Has there ever been an episode of My Kitchen Rules where Feildel hasn't asked for more sauce?

We hope not.



He's the one who's not paleo

Manu's French Bistro, Manu's French Kitchen, French For Everyone ... are you sensing a theme when it comes to Feildel's cookbooks?

Yes, this Frenchman is very proud of his country's cuisine and he frequently shares delicious offerings on his Instagram page that match his food mantra of "live to eat, don't just eat to live", such as his mother's tarte tatin. Sticky caramel, perfectly cooked apples, flaky pastry... *swoon*.



Boxing, not surfing, is his exercise of choice

While Evans is out on his surfboard, Feildel seems to prefer the boxing ring.

He often posts videos of his boxing workouts online (he's currently finessing his hooks, for those who are interested), but the best boxing classes are the ones he shares with his young daughter, Charlee.

Warning: Cuteness overload ahead.


A quick boxing lesson before papa is off to work!

A post shared by Manu Feildel (@manufeildelofficial) on Aug 19, 2017 at 6:17pm PDT


He's a movie star

Not satisfied with being a star on the small screen, Feildel this year enjoyed his first movie acting gig in the yet-to-be-released The BBQ.

By all accounts, Feildel had a blast on the set of the Australian flick, which also stars Magda Szubanski.

The TV host plays an "arrogant French chef" in the film, a role he joked required "very little acting".



So, are you also a fan of French cooking, French accents, "arrogant French chefs" on the silver screen and, most importantly, sauce?

Then you are most definitely Team Manu. More sauce for everyone!