Tape Face Boy's semi-final act

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Thursday, 1 September 2016, 10:52AM
Henry Winkler and Tape Face Boy. Photo / Twitter.
Henry Winkler and Tape Face Boy. Photo / Twitter.

Before performing his skit for the semi-final of America's Got Talent, Tape Face Boy managed to score a photo with Henry Winkler aka The Fonz.

In the act, the hilarious Kiwi comedian Sam Wills, aka Tape Face Boy invites a member of the audience to the stage and the pair embark on a 'gun fight' using balloons and staple guns.


During the critiques Simon Cowell compared Wills' performance to that of something Mel B would do. "I think like Mel, you have the ability to do something stupid and sort of be interesting at the same time." Cowell said. This of course didn't go down well with the former Spice Girl, who took her drink and chased Cowell around the audience with it. Unfortunately her aim was a bit off and she managed to drench a member of the crowd. Meanwhile, during all the chaos, Howie Stern gave the performance a thumbs up.

Here's hoping Tape Face Boy makes it through to the finals.