Stephie Key goes Hollywood for her debut film

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 11 February 2017, 3:01PM
Stephie Key.
Stephie Key.

Former PM John Key may have been enjoying a lower profile back at work as a backbench MP this week. But it is a very different story with his children Stephie and Max and their ongoing strides in the entertainment business.

A Hollywood high five for Stephie who has moved her career into high gear after graduating from the Paris College of Art last year.

The avant-garde creative has started work on her brand Cherry Lazar, which she would like to see go global in the form of a doll, a make-up range and a perfume, the latter in the nature of a love potion.

The 23-year-old artist is channelling her years of provocative work into her own movie Lazarniverse. From scouting for a pre-production location in Nevada, we are seeing evolve Stephie’s own version of the Roger Vadim film Barbarella, the bombshell mercenary 60s space odyssey.

Filming locations include desert scenes around Las Vegas, including multi-coloured rock columns  dubbed the Seven Magic Mountains.

The concept art of one of Stephie’s “fembot” style aliens, looks cherubic with green hair and purple headgear.

Art by Stephie Key.

“I’m juggling pre-production for two films. One is not mine and I’m helping, which takes up my days and the other is mine which takes up my nights,” Stephie has posted to her social media followers.

“I can’t tell you much about mine other than it’s my first feature-length film and early next year we go into full pre-production and shoot in June. I’m so excited and have really been putting my heart into this.”

Meanwhile brother Max will this afternoon release his latest music video and will promote it through social media.

The hype will be on the new girl featuring in it. It’s understood part of the video for the follow-up to his last song, Paradise, was shot in a Pacific Island location. Max, 21, is now on holiday in Bali.