Stephie Key gets cheeky

Spy News,
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Thursday, 28 July 2016, 2:13PM
Stephie Key. Photo / Instagram.
Stephie Key. Photo / Instagram.

Following the current trend of #tbt (throw back Thursday), Stephie Key aka Cherry Lazar, posted a very cheeky photo to her Instagram account.

The photo was taken whilst Key was filming a commercial for her Cauldron Classics love potions back in March. The film was shown at the Gallerie de crous in Paris in May as part of a group exhibition, just before Key graduated.

Key also designed the boxes for all four of the Cauldron Classic love potions which were available for purchase at the gallery. 


The last time we saw Key's artwork, she was hanging out with a small green alien, but looking at her Instagram, appears that she's now traded in the alien to share a drink with the devil. 

Spy will be checking in again soon to see who Key pairs up with next.

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