Spy's top 11 most eligible women

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Sunday, 2 October 2016, 10:37PM
Alysha Brown, Samantha Hayes and Rachel Hunter. Photos / Instagram.
Alysha Brown, Samantha Hayes and Rachel Hunter. Photos / Instagram.

In answer to last week's eligible men, this week, we're rounding up their female counterparts. 

NB: When it comes to eligibility, we play by Beyonce's rules. If no one's put a ring on it, you're fair game.

Jessica Grubisa

Half of Harman and Grubisa, the most celebrated fashion brand of the past year, Jessica Grubisa is a self-confident, hard working woman who knows how to balance work with having a great time. Grubisa makes a living out of making other women look beautiful and you can find her at their store on Jervois Rd. A good knowledge of art and popular culture is a must to date this lady, who we think is NZ's own Queen of the Selfie. 

Eliza McCartney

Our pick before the Olympics, our hearts were pounding along with the rest of the country when Eliza McCartney made the final in the pole vault at the Rio Olympics. Winning a bronze medal, McCartney immediately became NZ’s new track and field star. Earlier this year at the Halbergs, she was humble when she won the ‘next emerging talent’. Since then, the young sports’ star has maintained that attractive character trait while doing the media rounds as our new cause celebre of sport.

Kerry Lee Dewing

South African-born actress Kerry-Lee Dewing moved to NZ as a teenager and has shone on screen as nurse Kylie Brown in Shortland Street for several years. The blonde bombshell is a fan favourite with Shorty fans and when a major story line for her character is in the spotlight, the soap’s social media pages light up. Dewing loves to travel and this year a trip to Vietnam showed her love of adventure and exotic places.

Michelle Dickinson

Nanogirl, aka Dr Michelle Dickinson, has transformed the way many Kiwis think of science and technology. The multi-award winning scientist has become a media favourite for helping make the Periodic Table sexy. If you can’t match her smarts in the science fields, a passion for kitesurfing, rock climbing and mountain biking is an advantage.

Samantha Hayes

Suddenly single earlier this year, Samantha Hayes is no stranger to topping lists, from best dressed to most influential. After 10 years working with TV3, the South Island country girl is now working alongside Mike McRoberts and filling Hilary Barry’s seat with aplomb on Newshub at 6pm. Hayes had her Instagram hacked recently, something tells us an intrepid tech guy would catch her interest at a party.

Alysha Brown

Season 1 of The Bachelor NZ is a distant memory for Alysha Brown - now firmly ensconced in Auckland life, Brown is living in Remuera and enjoying teaching at Tamaki College in Glen Innes.  Brown’s love of teaching is nicely balanced with social butterfly wings, where her presence is often requested at many openings around town. Brown recently told Spy that she is still looking for love. Despite having appeared on a reality show, Brown is down to earth and genuine in her approach to life.

Rachel Hunter

With her Los Angeles house on the market and her children Renee and Liam well on their way to achieving big things in their own careers, former supermodel Rachel Hunter is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her TV series Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty has been a hit in NZ and overseas and is currently filming its second season. The show has proven our Rach to have both personality and looks that only get better with age. 

Laura Daniel

The star of Funny Girls and Jono and Ben, Laura is our favourite NZ comedian and never afraid to laugh at herself. This year she was a Billy T Award nominee, with her show, Pressure Makes Diamonds described in one review as “watching a cartoon character bounce out of your television screen and come to life.” We couldn’t agree more!

Alisa Xayalith

The Naked and Famous has their new album Simple Forms out in two weeks, their first since lead singer Alisa Xayalith split with guitarist Thom Powers. Speaking to the Herald recently, she said she was grateful the band survived the split and says both she and the band are now in a good place. With a look that is reminiscent to Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction, Xayalith is as groovy a rock chick as they come.

Karena and Kasey Bird

After spending the last eight weeks travelling the world with Karena and Kasey Bird, we want to go with them on their next trip. TVNZ 1’s Karena and Kasey’s Kitchen Diplomacy has reinforced why NZ fell in love with the 2014 MasterChef NZ winners. Both girls showed they would be awesome as diplomats as they charmed country after country. The girls, who still live in their hometown of Maketu, are two siblings who ooze celebrity for all the right reasons, even before you see them cook.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.