Spy's 10 most stylish men

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Friday, 28 October 2016, 2:26PM
Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Karl Urban, Ido Drent and Logan Dodds. Photos / Instagram.
Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Karl Urban, Ido Drent and Logan Dodds. Photos / Instagram.

Last week we looked at our 10 most stylish women - this week it's the men's turn.

1. Caleb Nott 

Broods star Caleb Nott always manages to look effortlessly cool. From casual t-shirts to on trend satin bomber jackets to his favourite biker jacket, the musician from Nelson can certainly pull off any look. Spy can’t wait to see what he wears to the VNZMAS next month.

2. Ido Drent

Offspring star Ido Drent definitely has the ‘Best young dad chic’ market cornered. Whether he’s hanging out with his family or catching up with old Shorty Street friends, Drent never makes a fashion faux pas, except THAT perm he sported for the INXS series.

3. Colin Mathura-Jeffree

No list of stylish men would be complete without Colin Mathura-Jeffree. Always in attendance at the trendiest events CMJ always steals the show with his fashion forward style. Years in the fashion industry have certainly paid off.

4. Gareth Stewart

Celebrity chef Gareth Stewart is usually seen in his chef whites, but when he’s not working his fashion style is always on point. He makes looking smart-casual an art form and cannot be faulted when putting together a more formal look.

5. Jeremy Wells

Radio Hauraki DJ Jeremy Wells is a man who does urban kiwi bloke look with an Auckland spin. From the humble parka to the dapper suits in the Meridian Energy ads, Wells has come a long way since his Newsboy days.

6. Ardie Savea

All Black flanker, Ardie Savea knows fashion when he sees it. Even when he’s out walking his husky Dakota, Savea manages to keep it stylish. When most players wore suits to the Hurricane Rugby awards, Savea rocked up in dungarees and still managed to look fabulous.

7. Jack Tame

The always dapper Jack Tame rarely gets caught looking less than smart casual, he makes geek chic sexy. The TVNZ Breakfast host is usually seen in either an open neck shirt or a sports jacket. Even when attending basketball game to watch Steven Adams play he wore a shirt and jacket..

8. Taika Waititi

Director and actor Taika Waititi doesn’t follow fashion - he owns it. Double denim, puffer jackets and beanies, Waititi can make anything look stylish. He even managed to pull off a very dodgy looking moustache at the premiere of Hunt of the Wilderpeople.

9. Karl Urban

Star Trek and Judge Dredd star Karl Urban really knows how to work a red carpet. At the Star Trek premiere Urban wore a beautifully tailored three piece suit, complete with a Star Trek pin on his lapel.

10. Logan Dodds

If you’re looking for the millenial grunge look, check out Go Pro king Logan Dodds.. With his love of ripped jeans and shorts/t-shirt combo Dodds always manages to make the clothes look current even when he’s in the middle of the bush.

Photos / Instagram. Except Karl Urban. Photo / Splash News.