Sonny Bill: The cutest dad ever?

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 11:28AM
Sonny Bill Williams. Photo / Instagram
Sonny Bill Williams. Photo / Instagram

WARNING: This will be the cutest thing you see all day.

He is strong, powerful and somewhat intimidating on the rugby field, but All Blacks star, Sonny Bill Williams is anything but that when it comes to parenthood.

In a super cute Instagram video you can see the exact moment his daughter lights up when he picks her up from kindergarten.

“It's the little things. ❤” he captions it.

Sonny Bill keeps the camera rolling as he calls out “Iman, your dad’s here!”

She sees him and runs towards him saying “Daddy! Daddy!” then cuddles his legs.

Williams gives her a big warm “hello” and a smooch.

Nawww shucks. Those are some dad goals right there! 

It's the little things. ❤️

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