Socialite turns to reality TV to fix botched surgery

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 12 August 2017, 5:18PM
Karin Horen
Karin Horen

Karin Horen, known as one of the busiest ladies about town, has applied to be on US reality TV show Botched, which helps with reconstructions of surgeries gone wrong.

Horen, 44, who separated from Kiwi acting star Manu Bennett last December, told Spy that she hopes Botched will take on her breast reconstruction.

“I contracted my first round of breast cancer when I was 26, and insuring myself against future complications was impossible.”

Her last fight with breast cancer was four years ago, and since then she’s had a run of eight surgeries. During that time she has created Paddle for Hope, a paddleboarding charity that helps cancer patients and their friends fight on with hope after their illnesses.

“I guess what I am hoping for with Botched is the miracle you see happen on an episode where everything is fixed,” Horan told Spy. “The reality is I work full time and have three amazing children, the public health system has been marvellous, it has kept me alive, however it is impossible to plan a life around intermittent surgeries.

“I have thought about creating a crowdfunding page for myself so I can get a private New Zealand surgeon to get back my right breast and fix up my left. We don’t have ACC for breast cancer and time off work and my children are the main reason I need that miracle.”

Horen is not alone in calling out NZ agencies for support during recovery. Last month her friend and public relations specialist Anna Jobsz called out Winz for their lack of help for agencies to offer more support to single parents who undergo major surgeries or illnesses.

“I hope with Anna and I both speaking openly about the obstacles we face, that the future will look much brighter for women in the health system.”