Six60's new LA base

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
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Saturday, 30 July 2016, 2:43PM
Matiu Walters, Ji Fraser, Chris Mac, Marlon Gerbes and Eli Paewai.
Matiu Walters, Ji Fraser, Chris Mac, Marlon Gerbes and Eli Paewai.

Several members of 5-piece band Six60 have set up base in Los Angeles. The leading Kiwi band should have won big with eight nominations at last year’s Vodafone Music Awards in November — the public certainly knew who the band of the moment were when they won The People’s Choice award.

Six60 became the sound of summer with a sold-out series of concerts, including 10,000 guests at Villa Maria in late January.

In May the boys sent messages of support to injured residents of their old flat and the namesake of their band — 660 Castle St in Dunedin — when a fire broke out. In the same street in March, a house balcony collapsed under the weight of 20-plus people trying to enjoy a surprise gig by Six60, who were playing about 30 metres away.

The boys won the hearts of mothers all over New Zealand by releasing Mother’s Eyes for Mother’s Day. At the time, the band acknowledged the release as a tribute to all the incredible mums out there.

A month ago, frontman Matiu Walters, keyboardist and guitarist, Marlon Gerbes and drummer Eli Paewai followed the lead of Broods and Lorde, setting up base in Los Angeles, where they’re having a blast — and looking for home decorating help.

It looks like a third album is in the works. Before they left Walters posted to social media: "It was tough, but got it down from 200 to 30 tracks. Now what to do with the leftover?"

A few weeks back, Walters and Paewai hit Vegas for the UFC 200 bout between Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar. The boys got to go backstage at the T-Mobile Arena for the weigh-in.

This week Walters, Paewai and Gerbes celebrated moving into an apartment in Studio City in LA by going true Castle St style and asking their fans to help them decorate the sparse walls of the flat with New Zealand art.

"New pad looking pretty bare. Need some stuff to hang up. Feel free to send us something and we will post a photo of the complete wall when it’s done," they shouted out to fans on social media. And they asked for some Marmite!

Bassist Chris Mac and lead guitarist Ji Fraser are yet to join their bandmates in the US.