Shavaughn Ruakere shrugs off Seven Sharp criticism

Spy News,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 7 September 2016, 3:54PM

TVNZ has announced that former Shortland Street actress and What Now presenter Shavaughn Ruakere has joined the Seven Sharp team. 

Ruakere, who moved to LA a few months ago, will begin reporting for the weeknight current affairs show, providing live crosses from LA with the latest Hollywood news.

Since the article was posted on the ONE News Facebook page, followers have posted some negative comments regarding the appointment.

One follower posted "Please noooooooo anyone but her". This comment evoked a wide range of opinions, some positive, some negative and some turning on the original poster.

Ruakere saw the comments and hit back with her own post, which she later deleted.  

"Not since my Shorty days have I enjoyed such internet wrath. When I was younger it used to sting like hell and I still felt my face turn hot reading the negative comments below. Age does bring many good things though and giving less of a flying you know what sure is one of them. Work hard. Do your best. Be someone people enjoy working with. Happy to be aboard @sevensharp See ya'll in Hollywood.

Ruakere was recently back in NZ to celebrate Father's Day with her dad Tony and to also help organised a friend's baby shower.