Selena Gomez parties large in Auckland

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Sunday, 14 August 2016, 1:40PM
Selena Gomez poses with Kiwi Camilla Hansen. Photo: Instagram
Selena Gomez poses with Kiwi Camilla Hansen. Photo: Instagram

Following her concert at Auckland’s Vector Arena last night, pop starlet Selena Gomez and her large entourage had an after party at Seafarers Members Club at Britomart into the early hours of the morning.

Gomez was joined by her warm up act, fellow pop star Joe Jonas and his DNCE band and crew, arriving at the venue favoured by visiting celebrity stars at 11pm.

Security was tight with the party closed to the public and a phone ban in place. That didn’t stop Seafarers' member Camilla Hansen getting a selfie with Gomez in the foyer.

With such a large entourage a special request for pizza was ordered from neighbouring Tyler Street Garage, which delivered box loads of pizza for Gomez and Jonas, with a special request for hot hot hot sauce.  

It wasn't long before the dancers with DJ Soraya got the entire rooftop into an old school electric shuffle. 

Soraya LaPread DJ’d until 3am, just hours before she headed back to her second home in Los Angeles' Beverly Hills. 

Jonas retired early after a few hours, but Gomez partied on to Soroya’s tunes, with the bar's tequila stock being drunk dry.

A Seafarers rep advised that the former Disney stars both lived up to their nice guy and gal status, saying they were probably one of the nicest crews to come through the bar, calling them “down to earth people with real humility.”  

Gomez also enjoyed Kiwi hospitality on Friday night when she dined at Britomart’s Ebisu, raving about the food and service.

Seafarers has previously hosted a string of celebrity after-parties and stars, including Gomez's ex Justin Bieber, the late Prince and Oprah Winfrey.