Sam Wallace versus The Bachelor

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017, 4:33PM
Zac Franich and Sam Wallace. Photo / Facebook
Zac Franich and Sam Wallace. Photo / Facebook

He already has 19 girls vying for his affections but The Bachelor Zac Franich has some other competition on his hands.

Eagle eyed viewers have been quick to point out the Bach bears a striking resemblance to The Hits radio host Sam Wallace.

Several listeners pointed out the similarity, leading Sam’s co-hosts Toni Street and Sarah Gandy to set our favourite weatherman up for a showdown.

After talking Sam into replicating Zac’s ‘Bachelor pose’, the pair asked fans to judge who was hotter. Sam or Zac?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Sarah, Sam and Toni fanbase voted for the radio host – but not before the bachelor himself weighed into the debate!

Replying to the picture on Toni’s Instagram, Zac joked: “Even I can’t tell which is me.”

We have to agree, there are some similarities. Or could they be the same person!? We’ve never actually seen them in the same room together!

Nice one boys.