Sam Wallace’s TVNZ toilet disaster

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017, 11:41AM
Sam Wallace. Photo / Facebook
Sam Wallace. Photo / Facebook

TVNZ and The Hits broadcasting star Sam Wallace revealed a very embarrassing moment live on air this week.

The loveable larrikin is not one to shy away from humiliating stories, recently sharing how his flying underpants once shut down a NZ airport. 

This week though, he told his co-hosts Toni Street and Sarah Gandy a particularly embarrassing story about not making it to the toilet in time.

Sam is a busy man working two jobs and often gets hungry after his morning radio show.

“I thought I would stop off and grab a wee Thai meal before I went back to TVNZ to do an afternoon of editing,” he told the team.

“I got a nice beef number and I also grabbed a Tom Yum soup, extra hot. Then I jumped in the car,” he said, before explaining he got stuck in North Shore traffic on Tristram Ave.

“You know that feeling when you get those waves and it just overcomes your whole body. It’s much like giving birth… you get the sweats and then it goes away and you’re like ‘I’m good’,” he explained.

Apparently poor Sam was stuck in traffic for half an hour, wondering if he would make it to work before disaster struck.

“I literally pulled into the TVNZ carpark, parked my car, finally got a park and I knew I was ginger, really ginger. I open my door and I knew the hardest part about this journey was going to be getting out of the car and I literally lifted my right leg from the driver’s seat and it touched the ground and that was as far as I got. I lifted my leg back up, placed them together, started my car and drove home,” he said to stunned looks from Sarah and Toni.

“I didn’t even stand up. I just lifted my leg up and I felt the slush. It was a leg shart.”

Sam didn’t find much sympathy from his co-hosts though, with Toni squealing: “You pooed your pants and you are 36!”