Sam Wallace heading to Bermuda

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 20 May 2017, 4:50PM
Sam Wallace.
Sam Wallace.

Bermuda will soon be the destination of choice for the well-heeled yachting community.

Next weekend, the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup qualifiers get underway there. Spy hears that, unlike four years ago in San Francisco, where the Kiwi presence could be felt throughout, many Kiwi high-flyers are waiting until after the Challenger Series to decide whether they will head up to the island for the 35th Americas Cup.

The flying 48ft wing masted foiling catamarans will provide some nailbiting moments.

Among the of high-rollers heading up for the Challenger Series are fervent fans Justine and Geoff Ross, rich list brother and sister Louisa and Topher Richwhite and PR girl about town Gemma Ross.

“We will be staying on boats and various places around Bermuda. I hear the Cup Village itself has been done excellently,” Gemma Ross told Spy.

Our own Sam Wallace, from The Hits Breakfast with Sarah, Sam and Toni, is heading to Bermuda as Nespresso NZ man on the ground. Wallace was in the Bahamas last year for William Trubridge’s free diving world record, an event he covered for TVNZ.

“I would love to say I am NZ’s version of George Clooney, but really Nespresso have asked me to go — as I am a nerd who can film, file and edit the coverage for their social media platforms and their relationship with Emirates Team NZ,” Wallace told Spy.

“In comparison to the Bahamas, Bermuda freaks me out a little with that whole triangle thing and plane crashes,” he said.

It’s hopping a ride on the wing-masted foiled boats that he should be nervous about.

“If I am lucky enough to have a ride. I know how it feels, I tried foiling on Breakfast last year on a 30ft; there was no wind so we had to be dragged out by a speedboat. I don’t know how the crew do it — all I can say is it feels very unstable.”

Wallace is an America’s Cup junkie and is on first-name basis with members of Emirates Team New Zealand, including skipper Peter Burling and his Olympic gold sailing mate Blair Tuke.

Wallace will also broadcast his morning show The Hits with Toni Street and Sarah Gandy, live from Bermuda.

“Breakfast radio will rock from Bermuda. The girls will be starting work at 6am NZ time, and I will be starting work at 12pm EST, but seriously, I am super-pumped about the trip and in awe of the racing I am about to see.”