Sam Neill’s fancy new look

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Monday, 18 September 2017, 2:12PM
Sam Neill and his new hairstyle. Photo / Twitter
Sam Neill and his new hairstyle. Photo / Twitter

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople star took to Twitter to celebrate his birthday over the weekend.

In a very funny picture he posted on Twitter, you can see a giant tumble weed posing as a new hair do atop his head.

Neill captions it: “People still worried about the conditioner I was using 2016? Relax. I am now using recycled frying oil from McDonalds w excellent results.”

People tweeted back some hilarious responses.

Outrageous Fortune star Robyn Malcolm says “Sam the merkin doesn't go THERE....” 

Other fans say “now this is what I want to see on tinder” and “that hairstyle is Jurassic.”

Keep up your strong Twitter game Sam, you seem to be doing something right!