#RHOAKL episode 4 - Twitter responds

Spy News,
Publish Date
Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 10:08PM

Last night's Real Housewives of Auckland had it all, bitchiness, fast cars, private chefs, dubious sex toys and according to Twitter, not enough screen time for Gilda. 

We share the best tweets about the show that has got the whole country talking and it's also a turning out to be big hit over in Australia.

1. Those Vampire powers, lets hope she uses them for good.

2. The president of Gilda's fan club:

3. Rumbled.

4. Looking at their clothes, we'd happily help.

5. Check your letterbox for the new mailer - d.avon. 

6. Priorities. 

7. Excellent advice.

8. Here's hoping... 

9. And finally, Gilda's cue to everyone to switch off 5 minutes before the end of the show!