Revealed: Naz's new boxing hit list

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 18 June 2016, 3:12PM
Naz Khanjani. Photo / Guy Coombes
Naz Khanjani. Photo / Guy Coombes

Nazanin Khanjani’s entry into the boxing ring will be the battle of the “Pocket Rockets”.

Spy can today reveal Naz will face either Bella Henry — daughter of broadcaster Paul Henry — or Mai FM DJ Lily Taurau in the undercard to world heavyweight boxing title contender Joseph Parker in Christchurch on July 21.

Like 50kg Khanjani, the two potential opponents are short  but they won’t be lacking in motivation or courage in the boxing ring.

Duco communications manager Craig Stanaway confirmed exclusively to Spy that Khanjani would be fighting either Henry or Taurau. Just who will square off against the reality TV star will be revealed on Tuesday.

Khanjani was portrayed as the villain of The Bachelor NZ after revealing early-series she had a “hit list” of other Bachelorettes she wanted to take out of the running to win Jordan Mauger’s heart.

Now she has a hit-list for real, saying while she respected both ladies for stepping up to the challenge, she wasn’t going into the ring to lose.

“I have met Lily several times in the studio. I would almost call her a friend, so it will be a bit different with her in the ring,” she said.

“But when it comes down to it we would be both going in to win.”

Bella Henry, left, and Lily Taurau.

Henry made the top two after posting a video saying she wanted to get in the ring to give Khanjani a nose job.

Her father soon after came out in support of her boxing ambition.

“A dad is going to support his daughter, and I think that is great,” Khanjani said. “Bella has shown herself to be keen.”

The shortlist had been cut down to just two after a week of would-be boxers calling out the runner-up of series two of The Bachelor NZ. Her opponent will be confirmed on Tuesday.

Khanjani added she was “determined and focused on what’s ahead”.

The list of would-be fighters keen to get in the ring had included Cantabrian Jessica Aitchison, an Australian-based, heavily-tattooed, model and rapper, who performs under the name of “Jackel”.