Renee Stewart steps into the limelight

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 10:34AM
Renee Stewart. Photo / Getty
Renee Stewart. Photo / Getty

It’s all about dancing for Renee Stewart, daughter of former-supermodel Rachel Hunter and rocker Rod Stewart.

Since growing up away from the limelight, 24-year-old Renee has found her stride on stage, whether it be dancing or walking the catwalk for high-end fashion houses.

Having recently finished her BA at the London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), her life has been immersed in the dancing world.

In her first magazine interview with the Daily Mail’s You Magazine she admits she rarely drinks or goes to parties because if she’s not in a dance studio she’s in a gym, at a yoga class or cooking in the house she shares with friends.

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“I’m a good cook but I’ve definitely eaten a lot of beans on toast since I’ve been in London. I don’t have money to blow on fancy restaurants.”

When she signed up to LCDS she didn’t tell anyone who her famous parents were, “I don’t exactly go around announcing that,” she says. “People got to know me first before they knew anything about my family.”

Renee is not currently in a relationship with anyone and her friend group is largely made up of other dancers and mutual friends with her younger brother Liam, 22, who lives in Coventry (where’s he’s plays for Coventry Blaze ice-hockey team) and her half-sister Ruby, 29, from Rod’s relationship with Kelly Emberg.

“The modelling I want to do is where movement is involved. I love that the fashion industry is using dancers as models more. I see myself as a dancer first and model second.”

Renee – who is managed by Storm, the agency that discovered Kate Moss – is not the average stick-thin catwalk size.

Instead she prides herself on being athletic.

“I eat a lot because I exercise a lot,’ she says. “I love healthy food but I also love roast dinners and chocolate. I’m obsessed with Cadbury Buttons. I never stop myself eating anything I want because I’m always dancing and exercising for hours every day.”

“I do yoga, I meditate, I go to spin classes and I work out in the gym. It’s how I live. It makes me happy. I look at my dad still running around on stage and I think that’s amazing because he is so fit – he still plays football. My mum is incredibly fit and healthy and that’s the way we were brought up.”

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