Million Dollar Listing: Who are NZ's real estate stars?

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Friday, 8 July 2016, 3:32PM
Michael Boulgaris, Ricky Cave and Graham Wall.
Michael Boulgaris, Ricky Cave and Graham Wall.

 It’s the hot topic on every Aucklander’s tongue — and now the City of Sails’ surging property market looks set for reality TV treatment.

Spy can reveal that an Auckland version of the Million Dollar Listing TV show is being considered for production on MediaWorks’ new reality channel, Bravo.

The series originated in Los Angeles and has since migrated to Miami, San Francisco and New York. It centres on the art of million-dollar property deals and the drama of hot-shot real estate agents.

Sydney-based Chris Taylor, Vice-President International Television, of NBCUniversal, confirmed to Spy this week that the production house for the upcoming Real Housewives of Auckland, Matchbox Productions, had been shoulder-tapping several Auckland agents to gauge their interest in starring in a possible Kiwi version.

So, who could be the agent stars of The Million Dollar Listing Auckland? We gave Taylor the names of a few successful Auckland agents.

Our fist pick, Auckland’s first man of real estate, multimillion-dollar lister Graham Wall, aged 64.

The next day Wall had a visit from two NBCUniversal reps to garner his interest in the show.

The very personable Wall told Spy: "I don’t know about me, but my handsome sons who work with me, Andrew and Ollie, would be perfect for the show."

Next suggestion is real estate wonder-boy Ricky Cave, 30, who is dating former bachelorette Chrystal Chenery and has made no secret that he would like to be part of the show, should filming get a green light.

Our third candidate has had the biggest public profile: Michael Boulgaris, 49, an expert at selling luxury dwellings. Boulgaris confirmed he’d been approached and said his business was the most glamorous fit for the show.