Real Housewives final: Why there is no reunion

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 15 October 2016, 1:40PM
Gilda Kirkpatrick, Michelle Blanchard, Anne Batley-Burton and Louise Wallace.
Gilda Kirkpatrick, Michelle Blanchard, Anne Batley-Burton and Louise Wallace.

After a tumultuous debut season — sailing will never be the same again — the last episode of The Real Housewives of Auckland goes to air Tuesday night.

Without spoiling anything for fans, we’re told public favourite Gilda Kirkpatrick and David Blanchard throw his wife Michelle a surprise birthday party at Kelliher Estate in Mangere. And Spy hears it’s Angela Stone and Julia Sloane v the rest, in one last, mammoth catfight. Sounds like a fitting finale.

Evidence of the split in the ranks came this week, when Stone had a RHOAKL viewing on Tuesday night, to coincide with her book launch on the show. It wasn’t a packed affair — and the only fellow Housewife to turn up was Sloane.

Stone gave an unexpected speech, announcing a “champion” role with the Mental Health Foundation. From an early age, Stone and her twin brother were raised by their grandmother while their mother battled depression. Their mother took her own life in 2004 and her brother went missing in 2007.

After that sobering moment, things got back to Housewife gossip-mode with a mystery man refusing to pose for Spy. Has Stone found love again after her on-air split with business personality Kirk Hope?

Stone’s friends told us the mystery man was her new boyfriend and that they’d been introduced by Sloane . . . but Stone tells us she is not in a relationship. The plot thickens — though we’re unlikely to find out more as sadly there are no plans for the usual Housewives reunion episode.

We hear it’s not so much a case of the girls refusing to reunite but that the budget may have run out. Bravo is yet to confirm a second season, though Spy sources say none of the women have said no to a return.

But fans will get a chance to question the Housewives — they will be taking questions on Bravo’s Facebook page at the end of Tuesday night’s show. Five of the girls (Louise Wallace will be onstage, performing in her play The Pink Hammer) will watch the finale at Kirkpatrick’s gorgeous Paritai Drive home before taking questions on Facebook.

Now that will be worth a look!